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Using built-in prompts is like having a one-click photo editor, but for your words.

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Get 10 queries for 1500 words per query per day.


  • Upto 10 query limits per day
  • 2x faster query time
  • No login interruptions
  • Email support


Get 2,000 queries for 1500 words per query.


  • Upto 2,000 query limits
  • 2x faster query time
  • No login interruptions
  • Email support


Get 6,000 queries for 1500 words per query.


  • Upto 6,000 query limits
  • 2x faster query time
  • No login interruptions
  • Email support

Details of Query Limitations

  • GPTea has word limitation 1500 English words per query.
  • Maximum possible words = Number of Queries x 1500.
  • One Query ~ 7000 characters ~ 1500 English words.
  • Count of words will vary for other languages.
  • Refresh will count as a new query.
  • One Query --> selected Text + given Prompt + answer.
  • If you want to pay more to get word limit increased to up to 2100 words per query.

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and if you’re lucky someone will get back to you.

    • Do you upgrade/modify the extension?

      Absolutely! We are working on adding new features to GPTea and our goal is to make it the best Azure OpenAI extension. We take this mission seriously and are constantly researching and developing new ideas to enhance merlin's functionality. Stay tuned for exciting updates!

    • What browsers is the extension available on?

      At the moment, our extension is only available for Google Chrome. But we do have plans to incorporate other browsers too.

    • Which model does GPTea use?

      GPTea uses gpt-turbo-3.5 as its default model.

    • Is Azure OpenAI banned in my country?

      You should search on Google to find out if Azure OpenAI is not allowed in your country.

    • May I suggest the integration of supplementary features into the extension?

      We highly appreciate your interest in contributing to the development of our Chrome extension. Please do not hesitate to contact us at with the subject line 'Chrome extension' to propose your suggestions. We value our users' feedback as it enables us to incorporate features that can effectively enhance their workflow, save time, and provide the necessary data.